Amber Platov airport

VIP Terminal's interior

Rostov on Don

Creative team
Dmitry Ovcharov, Elena Potemkina, Elena Mertsalova

Project team
Maria Nasonova, Sergey Kurepin,

Dmitry Tridenov

Project managing
Daria Turkina


The basis for the interior solution was the fact that during the construction of the new airport, at the construction site, a mound with Sarmatian burials was discovered and, in the mound, there lay treasure with gold ornaments.
We carried the gold colour accent into the details of the interior, leaving the periphery in grey concrete. Thus, we wanted to focus on one motif, the decorative gold jewellery. This was solved with the help of custom lamps and chandeliers, as well as glass columns in the entrance hall. The columns were developed in conjunction with our partners and they are blocks of Murano Venetian glass mounted on tensioned cables. Inside the columns, there is a backlight, and functionally they separate the entrance area from the waiting rooms that are located on either side of the building.
Functionally inside the building there are located:
A departure zone with information desk, waiting rooms, cafés, as well as private rooms for negotiations and recreation.
An arrival zone with an atrium, from where you can take the elevator to the roof garden. There are premises for various services, border and customs control and a separate area for officials and delegations, with a large conference room and the governor’s office.